About Artlink

Artlink is an arts and disability organisation established in 1984. Artlink believes participation in the arts has an important role to play in realising personal and social change. Our aim is to increase opportunities to take part in the arts for those who experience disadvantage or disability in the East of Scotland. We offer practical support so people can get involved and also work with venues to increase opportunities to enjoy the arts. Artlink establishes partnerships with artists, venues and organisations to help encourage positive change.  The individual is central to all  our work, they inform what we do and how we do it.  For more information, go to www.artlinkedinburgh.co.uk

Artlink Collaborates
We collaborate with people experiencing mental health problems to develop meaningful opportunities to pursue their creative interests. Individual talents inform, direct and support activity creating a supportive environment that reduces the isolation that can sometimes be experienced by participants. Artists support activity and mentor individuals and groups to develop their involvement and expertise.

Walking Group in the great outdoors

Artlink Connects
We bring together people with disabilities, venues, artists and organisations to improve access to the arts. The Arts Access service provides a range of opportunities to engage with the arts. We offer individual support, develop imaginative access programmes with artists & arts organisations and work with venues to remove barriers to access and participation in the arts.

Poetry readings at the Talbot Rice

Artlink Networks
We build partnerships with patients, staff and the public in hospitals across the Lothians. We encourage patients and staff to gain a new experience or skill and support the hospital community to improve their environment. The programme supports four exhibition spaces with a varied programme, organises performing and visual arts events and commissions artists to create work with specific relevance to the healthcare situation.

Felting at the Western Infirmary

Artlink Involves
We create opportunities for people with learning disabilities to inform and develop artwork which reflects their unique interests and circumstances. We collaborate with individuals in their homes, day centres and other community settings and often involve families and care workers in creating innovative solutions to the everyday situations they face.

Barter project

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